Insurance/Full Value Protection

There are two valuation options for your choice. We encourage you to purchase third party full replacement value coverage from the following insurance company. or call 1-800-356-0099. To purchase Baker insurance, you will need to know Our Company’s ID# 18025 and your weight.

OPTION 1(FVP): Replacement: Under this option, the mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods(as long as it doesn’t exceed the total declared value of the shipment). If you elect to purchase full value protection (FVP), and your mover loses,damages, or destroys your articles, your mover must repair,replace with like items, or settle in cash at the current market replacement value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged item. The minimum declared value of a shipment under this option is $10,000 or $6.00 times the actual total weight (in pounds) of the shipment, whichever is greater. The approximate cost for FVP is $6.00 for each $1,000 of declared value FVP is offered with a $500, $1000 deductible. The amount of the deductible will affect the cost of your FVP coverage. Unless you specifically agree to other arrangements, the mover must assume liability for the entire shipment based upon this option.

OPTION 2: As A licensed carrier with the U.S.D.O.T. we are required to provide limited liability coverage at no charge to the customer. Under this option, the maximum liability is limited to 60 cents per pound per article, for all indicated as damaged or missing at time of delivery on the inventory logs. Failure to indicate damage at time of delivery will waive carrier’s liability.

Under both of these liability options, movers are permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An Article of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound ($220 per kilogram).


Tips for Before You Move Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an life experience that few people describe as “fun.” But with our tips of things to do before you move in, you’ll be ready when the furniture arrives.

The move can totally consume you for a long time: planning, packing, moving, cleaning.

When you arrive in your new home, you’re faced with even more challenges. It may seem a small thing to decide where to put the best china or everyday dishes, but after all the work moving out of the old home, the last thing you need is another big decision or another major project.

But doing some work to your new home right away will make moving in feel great.

If you’re moving into a new house, you may not need to do anything at all. Lucky you!

But if you’ve bought a home with carpet you hate, you’re probably thinking that it has to go. Should you wait until you’re moved in, or tackle the job now?

You may decide that it’s too much to think about right now, that you should leave the decision about replacement for later after you’ve settled in. You may not have the budget or time to do anything but move. But be sure to weigh in the “cost” to you in both hassle and time if you wait to do a necessary project at a later date.

Replacing flooring is a major project, and if you have the money and you can make just this one decision at moving time, you’ll really be doing yourself a favor. If you put it off, you’ll be faced with moving all your furniture out of the rooms. What a bother! Not just for you, but for the flooring installers as well! There will be furniture all around the place, and you’ll have to move it back into the room when they’re done. If you can do it when you move, be sure to order the flooring well in advance of your move. Make arrangements to have new flooring installed a day or two before you move in. Cover the new flooring with mats, tarps, or area rugs so the movers don’t track in dirt or scratch the wood. Then, when they set your sofa and coffee table in place — you’ll be home.

Below are some other pre-move-in projects that can save you time and trouble.

Choose the projects that are the most pressing. If your budget won’t allow re-carpeting the entire house, just do one floor. If you can’t face paint decisions for every single room, then just do the rooms where the decisions are easy.

Painting – Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, it’s a lot easier to paint an empty room. There will be no need to move furniture, take down draperies, clear out the closets, or take every picture or mirror off the walls. Allow several days to repaint before the movers show up, especially if you’ll be doing the work yourself. This type of work always takes longer than you think. Or, hire a crew (professional painters or friends) to come in and get it over with in a day or two. Painting even part of the house before you move in can be a terrific time saver. If you can’t decide on colors, then just have everything painted a clean white, a pretty light beige, or other background color you love — depending on what works best with your furniture and color schemes. Once the major patching, priming, trim work, and base coats are in, adding another wall color at a later date can be a snap.

Professional Jacksonville Movers


Moving by yourself can be simple enough if you only have a few boxes of belongings, but when you have to pack and move an entire apartment or house, you may want to consider hiring Jacksonville movers. Here at 1st Choice Movers, we offer you affordable hourly rates which are based on the equipment and crew members necessary for your relocation. We are happy to discuss this with you and plan out your local move in the most cost-effective manner.

A few of the benefits our company can offer you include:

  • Relief from the stress of moving
  • Assistance with the heavy lifting
  • Protecting your belongings from harm

We classify a local move as one that takes place within 100 miles in the same state, from your old home to your new one. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us