Moving Tip

Packing fragile items? Start with a layer of Packing Material such as Bubble Wrap, Packing Pellets, or Polyethylene Foam at the bottom of the box. Begin packing the box with the heaviest items, then proceed with lighter items as you fill the box.

Wrap plates, bowls, and serving pieces separately in Newsprint Paper. Wrap especially delicate articles in Bubble Wrap. Dish Packing Boxes are specifically designed to protect your fragile dishes and make packing easier. Wrap glasses and stemware individually in Newsprint Paper or Bubble Wrap. To ensure that the wrapping stays in place, secure it with a small strip of tape. Glasses and stemware are most adequately protected from damage when they are packed in boxes that are divided into individual cells.

Pack particularly delicate, costly, or cherished items in smaller separate boxes before adding them to the large moving carton. Add a final layer of Packing Material to the top of the box just before you seal it to prevent the contents from shifting and to keep the box firm. Then label the boxes with Fragile Labels along with the area of the house and its contents: i.e., Kitchen – Dishes, Living Room – Porcelain Figurines.


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