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Our Jacksonville movers at 1st Choice Movers are not only experienced in the moving process, but with the quick and tidy assembly of furniture as well. We know that when you move, the last thing you want to be doing is running around transporting furniture and figuring out how to assemble it correctly. Our team can pick up the furniture items you have ordered from the store, deliver them to your home, and if you wish, we can put them together for you so that you don’t have to worry about doing so yourself.


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The qualities that set us apart from similar companies in the area include:

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Approximate Costs of Moving: Average Moving Costs

The moment you learn that your residential move is only a matter of time is the exact moment when a myriad of questions will most likely flood your mind and make you genuinely worried about the preparation period ahead of you. It can be really frustrating that regardless of how much time you have until moving day arrives – a few months, a few weeks, or a few days (!), you’re still going to have to answer a number of essential questions to complete the trouble-free move you want.

One of these fundamental questions is, of course, strictly related to the approximate costs of moving house: what are the average costs of moving house? Whether you’re moving out of a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartment, or you’re leaving a 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom house, you need to know how much you’re expected to pay on average either by hiring professional moving services or by organizing and executing the move by yourself (self-moving).

Also, the move distance between the two homes – short distance (local) or long distance (cross country) will affect greatly how deep you’ll be forced to dig into your pockets, desperately looking for more dollar bills.

Why do average moving costs matter?

The truth is, you may not get the right answers to all the pressing issues at the beginning of your preparations, but you must know the price of your incoming move in advance so that:

  • you set up your moving budget the way you’re supposed to;
  • you prevent any unpleasant cost related surprises at the end of the relocation;
  • you reduce the moving stress by knowing that you’re financially ready to handle the local or cross country move ahead of you.

Thus said, remember that the only way to get an accurate estimate of the costs of your move is to have your chosen moving company perform an expert visual inspection of your home and give you a precise price quote. Nevertheless, understanding various real-life moving scenarios and their approximate costs will help you gain a deeper knowledge of what relocation options you actually have and what to expect from your movers estimate.

The approximate costs of moving you’ll find in this article should serve as a useful preview of what your actual moving quote will look like. In reality, these approximated values can only be used as guidance because the real-life moving company rates will be dependent on the region where you live, your town or city, the moving company itself, and the specifics of your own local or long distance move.

Moving company costs on average

In most cases, moving house with the help of a professional moving company is the preferred way to approach the numerous challenges of that significant period in one’s life. As a rule of thumb, turning to the pros for assistance will eliminate plenty of stressful guesswork and will make the entire house relocation much faster and easier.

The only drawback is that you will have to pay for their moving services but that often proves to be a disadvantage in disguise the moment you calculate the potential risk and dangers of self-moving, add up the lost time in doing it all by yourself, and include the possible irreparable damage to your nervous system.